Stylish Carry On Luggage

It’s January. It’s crazy cold. If you’re lucky, you have travel plans to escape to a warmer locale in the next couple of months. I recently had the zippers on several carry on bags bust so I’ve been in the market for a new carry on bag for plane travel or weekend car trips. Much of what I’ve come across is practical and standardsmaller versions of the larger suitcases you would put in checked baggage. But I’m looking for something more fun and interesting, and there are a lot of great options out there. Here’s what I found!


World Traveler 21-inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag – $33.99 ($74.99)


Doesn’t this remind you of an old school doctor’s bag? I love that retro shape with the modern houndstooth print. You can roll this bag using the wheels and handle, or you can simply carry it, folding the handle back into the body of the bag. Reviews are mainly good–some people aren’t wild about the quality of the wheels, but the rest cite this as being a well-made, adorable bag. (Note: Overstock tends to change their prices on a daily basis, so the price above may not be current.)


Nicola Lee Adela 19-inch Rolling Carry-on Upright – $89.99 ($136.95)


Another retro-inspired silhouette, you could pretend you were traveling on the Titanic! Wait a minute…Truly though, this hard bag with retractable handle and wheels has such a unique look. Made from faux leather, available in brown (left) or black (right) and stamped with abstract designs and the letter “N” for the designer name. (Note: Overstock tends to change their prices on a daily basis, so the price above may not be current.)




LeSportsac makes quirky printed bags in a variety of shapes, from durable, lightweight nylon. I myself have used one of their bags for about 8 years and it has no signs of wear, this despite cramming it full of heavy items, schlepping it on airplanes, and shoving it in the back of my packed car. The Collette Tote – $90 ($120) in the grey and black striped printed is on sale with code SAVE25 (do be warned, it’s final sale). It’s also available for the same price in a pretty dusty purple with white faux-stitched flower outlines. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easier hauling. Slightly bigger is the Deluxe Everygirl Tote – $69.99 ($98) in this whimsical flower print.


Disaster Designs Holding Pattern Overnight Bag – $94.99


As an enthusiastic sewer, I was smitten when I saw this bag. The print and details mimic various sewing items–patterns, measuring tape, and buttons. Reviews are very good, though people seem completely split on the durability of the fabric it’s made of–half worry about it holding up during travel …while others mention they think it’s very high quality. Guess I’ll just have to buy it for myself in order to settle the debate.


Vera Bradley – $111.99 ($182)


Vera Bradley bags are known for their bright, busy colors and the quilted appearance of the fabric used. Unfortunately, they can be really spendy, especially considering they’re made of simple cotton fabric (though this bag is lined). Zappos is offering the roomy bag above for almost 40% off the original price. One of the great things about Zappos is that they often make videos about the products they’re selling. They’re always under a minute in length, and it’s just one of their employees showing you all the features of the item, and allowing you to see a person interacting with it, so that you get a better idea of size.


Oioi Giraffe Messenger – $138.74 ($140)


Guess what this is? A diaper bag. Yes. Yes! I discovered while searching for carry ons that diaper bags are not what they used to be–no longer do you need to lug around some ugly pastel pink and blue bag with rattle and pacifier print. These bags are stylish and cute and make great carry ons. Tons of small pockets, everything easy to access, nice and big inside. Plus, it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all! Here’s another one by the same company.

Safe and happy travels this winter! 


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