About Us

Full clutch was started in the spring of 2012, with the goal of bringing “smart, sophisticated style” to its readers. We think classic style is better than being slave to every new trend, and we think you shouldn’t have to go broke in order to dress beautifully. We write beauty and product reviews, find sales and highlight the best items available, post makeup and hair tutorials, report on daring new trends, and even review the occasional book or movie. Because we’re always looking to improve we love to hear from readers. What would you like to see more of? Let us know!


Beth Bio PicBeth has been working as a writer for the past five years–teaching, editing, and freelance writing.  Her love of fashion began in third grade when she refused to wear anything but dresses for a full year.  Other highlights from a Midwestern upbringing include being zipped into huge and ill-fitting puffy winter coats bought on clearance by her dad from Burlington Coat Factory, spending most of the late nineties screaming at her parents because “NO ONE understands me!”, being the most awkward and uncoordinated hurdler on her high school track team, and securing a French and Sociology degree which led to…not a career in French or Sociology.  Beth loves nail polish, retro style, dogs, champagne, breakfast foods, old books, the Gershwin brothers, and designer handbags.  And she LOVES writing for full clutch.


Sarah Bio Pic 2Finding one’s style can be challenging, and Sarah knows this first hand.  From wanting to dress like Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake in her youth, to the awkward goth phase in her teens (Robert Smith still holds a special place in her heart), she’s been through many iterations of personal style, and expects to still see changes.  Does she stroll by sparkly animal print button up shirts in department stores suitable for older women and think “I’m going to rock that in my sixties”?  You bet. But discovering who she is stylistically right now has been a joyous journey (not without a few bumps in the road).  “It’s really a gift to learn how to express the person you are on the inside on the outside, in a way that makes you ready to face the world and be the best you can be”.  She hopes full clutch can help other women shout it from the roof tops.

Hungry for more?  Check out Beth’s series of advice columns for guys, Ask A Woman, at big brother site Dappered.com.  We’re also on Facebook (ooooo), Twitter (ahhhh), and Pinterest (applause!).