What is Bauble Bar?


I don’t know about you, but I love some good jewelry. There’s so much out there though, shopping can get overwhelming. But if you’re looking for high fashion, designer jewelry at a much lower price than you’ll find at boutiques and department stores, Bauble Bar is your place. Read on for details.

Going Outfits: Derby Style

Derby Going Outfits 5-2-12

This weekend two of the funnest reasons of the year to have a party converge; the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo. We’ve got some suggestions for outfits that will get you to the party in style. Plus, most of the items in the outfits are on sale, something else to celebrate. Giddyup and Ole!

Taking Flight: Bird Jewelry


Bird jewelry tends to be whimsical and pretty. We first started seeing it last year in owl pendants but now birds of all stripes are getting the jewelry treatment. See our favorite picks inside!

The Tiered Sale at Gap.com


Starting today, Gap.com is offering a tiered discount for the next four days. Use the code GAPFRESH to get 25% off on 4/27, 20% off on 4/28, 15% off on 4/29, and 10% off on 4/30. See our picks for great deals inside.

The Trend: Tribal Weaves and Prints

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Are you a fan of the tribal trend? Let’s take a look at some of the apparel and products being churned out by the fashion world that capitalize on the tribal trend, then tell us about some of your favorites you’ve found.

Banana Republic: Jewelry & Accessories 30% off


Banana Republic is offering 30% off of jewelry and accessories online only with code BRPERFECT. Plus, if you spend a minimum of $50 before reductions taken, you get free 7-9 business day shipping. Boom.

Macy’s Friends And Family Sale


Wait, you’re not friends with anyone that works at Macy’s, nor are you related to anyone that works at Macy’s? Doesn’t matter, if you want to shop at Macy’s your part of the family, and they’re spreading the familial love with a 25% discount on lots of items. Let’s shop!

The Trend: Layering wrist wear


Noticed magazines and lookbooks featuring layered wrist wear? Like so many styles these days, it’s a throwback to the 1980s, but thankfully, we’ve grown up and graduated to a more sophisticated look.

Lands’ End & LE Canvas: what’s the difference?

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If you don’t know the difference it doesn’t really matter. You can click back and forth from each site with ease, and your shopping cart moves with you. And through today you can enjoy 30% off everything, even sale items, and get it shipped for free. Is there a magical code and pin that will make this happen for me? I’ll give you a hint…. it’s in the article.

Shop Banana Republic, help “Jobs in USA”


Jobs. Love em’ or hate em’ we all need them. But many Americans are still without jobs. Enter Banana Republic, teaming up with Starbucks and Opportunity Finance Network to help “Jobs for USA”. Use a code to get 25% off your purchase, and 5% will go to “Jobs for USA”. Want the code? Read on…