Guilty Pleasures: Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading Header

A hilarious take on what has already been said.

Guilty Pleasures: TV Bloopers


Confession: I love watching gag reels on YouTube from my favorite sitcoms.

Guilty Pleasures: The Forsyte Saga


Missing Downton Abbey? Check out the next best thing…

Guilty Pleasures:


Dogs behaving badly…but adorably.

Guilty Pleasures: Catalogs and Coupon Mailers


You had me at Deer Antler Back Scratcher…

Guilty Pleasures: The Golden Girls


“There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. I know. My toe has been on that line.” – Blanche Devereaux

Guilty Pleasures: Pretty Little Liars


Pretty Little Liars. You know you wanna watch it.

Guilty Pleasures: Overheard in New York


Funny. Quirky. Bizarre. Guilty.

Guilty Pleasures: Steel Magnolias


Steel Magnolias. Still crazy after all these years.

Magic Mike: The view is good from here

MM Header

Take 1 serving of Magic Mike, 11 women tipsy on New Age wine, add in some Dixie cups, and you’ll have yourself one fun evening with stories to tell the next day.