Recommended October Read: The Passage


Don’t expect these vampires to take a pass on human blood…

Dolly says, “Happy Labor Day!”


It’s a holiday, so you know what that means…Dolly Parton, full clutch’s official mascot, is going to take over for the day.

Bringing a gift for the BF’s parents


When you don’t want meeting the parents to turn into Meet the Parents.

Guilty Pleasures: Pretty Little Liars


Pretty Little Liars. You know you wanna watch it.

LOVE IT: Paperback Swap


This week we love Paperback Swap: a website where bookworms can post books they no longer want, for which they get credit to request unwanted books from other bookworms.

LOVE IT: Addicted to Books


“…you wish you could liquify the plot and characters and then mainline them…” Um, yeah, you’ll want to look inside.

What’s the deal with Disqus?

Disqus Header

And how can I use Disqus to win something cool?

God Bless Dolly (oh, and America, too)


It’s a national holiday! That means we’re trotting out our mascot and best gal Dolly Parton for the day.

The Shops at Target: Polka Dog Bakery


We’ve been reporting on Target’s new(ish) campaign to bring small boutiques from around the country to their mega stores. This week is the Polka Dog Bakery from Boston!

The Shops at Target: Cos Bar


This week from The Shops at Target, we bring you Cos Bar, a boutique out of Aspen, Colorado. They sell beauty tools like nail files and tweezers, as well as bath products like body scrubs, and soaps, plus beauty items like nail polish and false eyelashes.