5 Evening Bag Must-Haves


A couple months ago we gave you a list of 10 Purse Must-Haves. Today we tackle the evening bag!

Cool gifts for Pops


Shopping for Dad can be hard. He’s already had a lifetime of gathering stuff. So we turned to Etsy to find some unusual gift ideas for this Father’s Day.

The Shops at Target: The Candy Store


A couple weeks ago, we told you about The Shops at Target. Over the next month or so, we’ll explore these stores within a store and let you know what we find. First up is The Candy Store, a boutique based out of San Francisco.

10 suggested summer reads

Book header

Looking for a few good reads for the summer? We have a few suggestions, old and new, to keep your inner bookworm happy. And yes, Fifty Shades of Grey does make the list… kind of.

Book Review: The Fashion File


Janie Bryant is the costume designer from Mad Men. She studies movies, pictures, advertisements, and anything else she can get her hands on in order to make Mad Men as stylish, beautiful, and authentic as possible. With fashion writer Monica Corcoran Harel, she wrote a book about finding and nurturing your personal style, “The Fashion File”.

Not Your Grandmother’s Aprons


All things domestic are now trendy, and aprons are part of this booming business. Full aprons, half aprons, aprons with ruffles, aprons with pockets, aprons with pleats–we’ve got you covered!

The Shops at Target


Who here likes Target? You can get groceries, shoes, and lawn chairs all in one place. The latest sign of genius from our favorite store is the Shops at Target. Look inside to learn more.

Derby Drinks: Get Lubricated


It’s the first day of May! That means the first weekend in May is fast approaching…which means it’s Kentucky Derby time! If you’re planning to celebrate, we have your guide to sassy derby drinks.

Picture Frames Picks


Besides a new coat of paint, picture frames have to be one of the easiest ways to decorate and freshen up a room. Inside, a couple picks for fixing up that spare, bare room in no time.

10 Purse Must-Haves


Besides the obvious phone, keys, and wallet, you probably have an assortment of other goodies in your handbag–fuzzy cough drops, stale gum, grocery store receipts, you know, all the crucial stuff. Here we’ve assembled a list of 10 must-haves for your purse. Don’t get caught without them!