The Fox Trend


A foxy trend for our foxy ladies.

The Trend: Rose Nail Art


The weather’s so nice, roses are growing on fingernails. Check out several examples from some of Beth’s favorite nail art bloggers!

The Trend – Ankle Strap Shoes

Ankle Strap Header

Keep those flats, sandals, and pumps from flying off your feet with this trendy throwback to the 50’s.

Would You Dare To Wear It?

Harness Header

Usually all the pretty horses get to claim the harness trend, but we bipeds have been stepping on their turf.

The Trend: Animal Print Clothes & Accessories

Wild Style Header

It’s a jungle out there, but there are some understated options…

The Trend: Chevron Stripes

Chevron Header

Zig-zagging our way through one of the hottest trends that’s not just for officer’s sleeves or gas station logos.

The Trend: Bow Jewelry


Check out the trend in bow jewelry–from sweet and elegant to modern and edgy!

Burgundy is the New Black


Burgundy. Wear it.

Chain Link Jewelry


Chain link baubles…for the bad ass in you.

No: Bad Pants… Bad!

Bad Pants Header

Remember in the 80’s & early 90’s when pants were high-waisted and pleated? Yeah…