A very Dolly Christmas


Happy Holidays from full clutch!

Gobble Gobble Dolly Dolly


Happy Thanksgiving from Dolly and full clutch!

Spooky Dolly


Ms. Parton says “boo!”

Dolly says, “Happy Labor Day!”


It’s a holiday, so you know what that means…Dolly Parton, full clutch’s official mascot, is going to take over for the day.

God Bless Dolly (oh, and America, too)


It’s a national holiday! That means we’re trotting out our mascot and best gal Dolly Parton for the day.

Guilty Pleasures: Dolly Parton


Always a fan of the fabulous Dolly Parton, lately I’ve been starting my work day by listening to “9 to 5.”   It’s sort of ironic/ridiculous because I haven’t worked a 9 to 5 schedule in years.  But at 7am, in my pajamas, typing away at the laptop, I feel twice as productive–“stumble to the kitchen […]