Yummy treats for a Healthy You

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Healthy eating habits don’t have to be boring, or sugar free!

Best Clothing for Yoga


Beth’s favorite brands for yoga tops and bottoms. You may be surprised…

Simple Exercises for Sexy Arms

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Wait, these aren’t the arms you’re looking for? No worries, I think we can still help you out.

Our Fave Non-workout Workouts


Got the workout blues? Check out Beth & Sarah’s favorite non-gym activities to burn some calories and maintain heart health!

Developing the Mind-Body Connection


Fitness should be all-inclusive–mind, in addition to body. Here are three ways to encourage holistic well-being.

Best TV Shows for 4 Workout Scenarios


Bored at the gym? Why not check out these addictive TV shows that will keep you motivated to stay on the treadmill…