Blue Eyeliner Tutorial


Wondering how to get that pastel blue eyeliner look you’ve been seeing everywhere? The answer is Stila Liquid Eye Liner, and the tutorial is inside!

March Makeup Madness – Drafting In The Newbies


We’ve started, we’ve benched, and now it’s time to draft some players to our March Makeup Madness teams!

March Makeup Madness – Sarah’s Starting Lineup


This week the ladies of full clutch will be bringing you the starters, benched players, and draft hopefuls that assemble their respective makeup teams. First off, Sarah’s starting lineup.

Best Gift Sets From Sephora


Tis’ the season for sets of products that can actually be cheaper than buying a single product out of the set. Could that be considered a tongue twister?

Final Day: Chic Week at Sephora


Take 15% off and make yourself pretty.